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The Commercial Industrial Boiler Efficiency Program provides no-cost technical services and cash incentives and rebates to identify and implement energy efficiency improvements for boiler systems.

The Program provides valuable professional services at no cost to PG&E utility customers for boiler energy efficiency projects, including:

  • Advice and recommendations for energy efficiency projects
  • Cash incentives and rebates to buy down the cost of energy efficiency projects
  • Report on energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions
  • Implementation coordination assistance

Larger, more complex projects can also benefit from the Program’s no-cost project development services:

  • Customized analysis and measurements to determine system efficiency
  • Detailed evaluation and recommendations for energy efficiency projects
  • Independent verification of achieved energy savings after installation

Business & Property Owners

PG&E Customers

Are you interested in lower energy costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions at your facility? Do you have a boiler? Learn how the Commercial Industrial Boiler Efficiency Program can help you. Continue

Vendors & Contractors

Contractors and Vendors

Attention contractors and vendors! Let Enovity assist you and your customers in upgrading their boiler systems to be more efficient. Utilize the Program’s independent analysis and verification of energy savings and leverage Enovity’s incentives to get money for your customers. Continue

Account Representatives

Account Representatives

PG&E Account Representatives are an integral part of the Program. Learn how to bring Enovity in and how we can help your customers. Continue