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Account Representatives

The Commercial Industrial Boiler Efficiency Program is here to help your customers improve the energy efficiency of their boiler systems. This Third Party Program focuses specifically on boiler systems: the boiler itself and most things connected to it.

Good Candidates

Though most customers that operate hot water or steam boilers are eligible for the Program, those that use boilers for process loads offer more savings opportunity than boilers used for things like building heat and domestic hot water.

The CIBEP vs. PG&E Internal Programs

The CIBEP is a custom program that offers both fixed rebates and calculated incentives. It provides customers with expert advice through the life of the project, from first contact to evaluation to implementation and, finally, post-installation M&V and rebate or incentive payment.

Up-Front Questions

The following key questions help us get started with a potential customer.

  • How many boilers does the facility have?
  • What is the rated output of each boiler? This is usually visible on the boiler nameplate and expressed in units of million BTUs per hour (MMBtu/hr) or horsepower (HP).
  • What loads are served by the boilers? Examples include process loads, building heat, and domestic hot water.
  • What are the facility’s hours of operation? Are there any shutdown periods, such as for holidays or scheduled maintenance?
  • How many therms of natural gas, on average, does the facility use in a year?

Frequently Asked Questions

See a list of frequently asked questions about the Program.

Efficiency Opportunities

See examples of energy efficiency measures and know what to look for.

Getting Started

If you have questions about the program, would like to request marketing materials, or think that one of your customers could benefit from the program’s services, email David Shelton or call 415-983-3679. As the Program Manager, David is the dedicated liaison for PG&E Energy Solutions and Service representatives.