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Efficiency Opportunities

Measure List

See below for a list of some of the typical energy-saving projects that are eligible for rebates or incentives under the Boiler Efficiency Program.
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Heat Recovery
  • Pipe, tank, heat exchanger, or other boiler-heated surface insulation
  • Exhaust stack economizers (feedwater or condensing)
  • Blowdown heat recovery
  • Condensate recovery
  • Mechanical Vapor Recompression and other custom energy efficiency upgrades for evaporators
  • Thermosorber heat pump
  • Flash steam recovery
  • Process heat recovery
New Boilers
  • High-efficiency non-condensing boilers
  • Condensing boilers
  • Direct-contact water heaters
Repairs and Tune-Ups
  • Replace old or failed steam traps
  • Repair/replace control linkage
  • Repair/replace failed blowdown controls or reduce excessive blowdown
  • Reduce or eliminate boiler cycling
  • Repair/replace failed or dirty heat exchanger or boiler economizer
  • Replace boiler refractory
  • Reduce boiler steam pressure or hot water supply temperature set points
  • Repair/replace failed VFD
  • Reverse osmosis water treatment systems
  • High-efficiency boiler burners
  • Electronic parallel positioning fuel-air controls (with or without oxygen trim control)