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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who runs the Program, Enovity or PG&E?
Enovity is contracted by PG&E to run the Program on their behalf. Enovity provides the technical resources and implementation assistance to customers at no cost, and does not sell any equipment.
How much is the rebate/incentive?
The Program offers both fixed rebates and calculated incentives for qualifying boiler energy efficiency projects. The Rebate Catalog provides a list of measures that qualify for fixed rebates. Calculated incentives are offered at the rate of $0.08 per kWh saved, $1.00 per therm saved, and $100 per kW of peak demand reduced. The total incentive will be calculated based on the energy savings achieved over the course of one year. See the Incentives and Rebates page for more information.
How does Enovity get paid?
Enovity is paid by PG&E for installed energy savings, and does not take any part of the customer’s incentive.
We already have a project identified. Can we still participate?
Absolutely. The key is to contact Enovity and discuss the project(s) as early in the process as possible. Enovity will need to perform an assessment or evaluation and issue a Project Installation Agreement before any equipment is ordered in order to offer an incentive or a rebate.
Can I work with my existing contractor?
Yes! The Program is vendor-neutral and will work with any contractor of the customer’s choice. During the installation process, Enovity can offer assistance as needed, working with the contractor and customer to ensure that the project is moving forward and that all installation requirements are met for receiving the proposed incentive or rebate.
What if we don’t buy gas/electricity from PG&E?
The Program can only provide incentives or rebates for savings of energy that is supplied by PG&E. However, many commodity suppliers of natural gas pay PG&E for transportation and distribution. In this case, the Program can still provide an incentive or rebate for natural gas savings.
Are there any obligations to install projects?
There are no such obligations. If the customer does not install any projects, it is not required to pay the Program back for any services.
How long does this all take?
Custom incentive projects require an up-front evaluation that may take anywhere from four to eight weeks (after the first site visit) to perform, depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, projects may be evaluated on an accelerated schedule based on project requirements and Enovity resource availability. Once the project is installed and operational, allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for Enovity to complete its post-installation inspection and verification report. Once this report is issued, the incentive check usually follows within 45 days. Fixed rebates follow a more streamlined process.
How do I know if my facility is a good candidate?
The Program focuses on facilities that operate hot water or steam boilers.

Hello. Thank you for your interest in the Boiler Efficiency Program. We are currently in the process of updating some of our program forms and documents for the 2016 Program Cycle. In the mean time, please contact Enovity (415-983-3679) to discuss how we may help you meet your energy efficiency goals.

   — The Enovity Boiler Efficiency Team