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How It Works

Initial Contact

Discuss facility and potential energy efficiency opportunities with Enovity.

Program Sign-Up

Customer fills out the program enrollment form and returns it to Enovity.

Initial Site Assessment (Optional)

A preliminary high-level assessment of the boiler system to identify potential efficiency opportunities. Includes estimates of energy savings and project cost-effectiveness. Enovity then determines which approach is best for each identified opportunity.

Calculated Incentive Approach

Designed for measures that use the existing system as the baseline to estimate energy savings and incentive amounts, or for which rebates are not available.

Detailed Evaluation

An analysis of selected potential energy efficiency opportunities, based on customer priorities, that includes in-depth measurements and calculations to determine projected costs, savings, and incentive amounts. An installation contractor of the customer’s choice provides accurate pricing, specifications, and system design in coordination with Enovity’s evaluation. Enovity can assist by coordinating with contractors to request and review installation proposals.

Review of Findings

With Detailed Evaluation Report in hand, a customer can make an investment decision based on estimated energy savings, greenhouse gas reductions, project cost, and payback period and approve the project for installation.

Incentive Reservation

A Project Installation Agreement is executed to reserve the estimated incentive funds.

Equipment Order

After incentive funds are reserved, the customer can order equipment and proceed with installation.


A customer-chosen contractor installs equipment and provides necessary training.

Savings Verification

After the equipment is fully operational, Enovity conducts measurement and analysis to verify installed energy savings. A Verification Report detailing the final project results is submitted to the customer.

Fixed Rebate Approach

For projects that are eligible for a fixed rebate.

Recommendations and Equipment Selection

Enovity recommends energy efficiency measures and the customer selects equipment that qualifies for a rebate.

Estimation of Savings and Reservation of Funds

Enovity prepares a Rebate Assessment Report that outlines the estimated energy savings and rebate amounts, and submits it to the customer along with an agreement that reserves the rebate funds.


A customer-chosen contractor installs equipment and provides necessary training.


Once the customer certifies that the project is installed and provides supporting documentation (such as a final invoice), Enovity verifies the installation through review of supporting documentation and, in some cases, an on-site inspection.


Based on verified project results, Enovity issues an incentive or rebate check to the customer or appointed payee.

Hello. Thank you for your interest in the Boiler Efficiency Program. We are currently in the process of updating some of our program forms and documents for the 2016 Program Cycle. In the mean time, please contact Enovity (415-983-3679) to discuss how we may help you meet your energy efficiency goals.

   — The Enovity Boiler Efficiency Team