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Rebates and Incentives

Fixed Rebates

The Program offers rebates for several common boiler energy efficiency measures on a fixed-amount-per-unit basis, including:

  • New high-efficiency boilers
  • New condensing boilers
  • Pipe and tank insulation

Contact Enovity or download our Rebate Catalog for additional details.

Custom Incentives

Calculated incentives are a one-time cash payment (made after a project is installed) based on the projected energy savings over one year that will occur as a result of installing an energy efficiency upgrade. Calculated incentives are designed for projects that:

  • Are unique or complex, or
  • Do not have an applicable rebate (see above).

Enovity performs a Detailed Evaluation of a project in order to estimate the potential energy savings and incentive amount(s). Customers must contact the Program and complete this step before ordering equipment or installing the project.

CIBEP Incentive Rates

Energy Saved

Incentive Rate

Peak Electric Demand (kilowatts)

$100 per kW

Electricity (kilowatt-hours)

$0.08 per kWh

Natural Gas (therms)

$1.00 per therm

The final incentive amount for a project will be based on installed and verified energy savings. Incentives can cover up to 50% of the incremental project cost.

Hello. Thank you for your interest in the Boiler Efficiency Program. We are currently in the process of updating some of our program forms and documents for the 2016 Program Cycle. In the mean time, please contact Enovity (415-983-3679) to discuss how we may help you meet your energy efficiency goals.

   — The Enovity Boiler Efficiency Team

The cost of the project that is directly associated with energy efficiency.